Chicken Bones Classic

Chicken Bones Classic

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Introducing "Chicken Bones Cheer" – a delightful holiday gift that encapsulates the timeless charm of the season. With a medley of exquisite chocolate and cinnamon-infused treats, this gift is a delectable choice for those who appreciate the classic, refreshing flavor reminiscent of everyone's childhood. Delight in the joy of "Chicken Bones cheer" and share the essence of the holidays with your discerning friends and loved ones.

Box includes:

Cocoa, McGuire Chocolate Co. | Saint Andrews, NB

Chicken Bones Lip Balm, Jaxon Naturals | Charlottetown, PEI

Chicken Bones Soap, The Soapbox Soap Shoppe | Apohoqui, NB

Chicken Bones Candle, Vagabond Studios | Saint John, NB

Chicken Bones Candy, Ganong Bros | St. Stephen, NB

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