Pickup & Shipping

We offer free local pickup in Saint John only at our warehouse. We are located at 240 Millidge Ave. Pickup hours are 9am-3pm Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

It depends. We ship everything out of our warehouse facility in Saint John, NB. Orders that are being shipped within the Maritimes usually arrive within 2-4 days of being shipped. Orders leaving Atlantic Canada take longer, some up to ten days.

It takes longer to ship to rural addresses then it does to urban addresses, and parcel volume affects shipping speeds. You can read more about our shipping policies here.

Yes we do! Please note, it is the purchaser's responsibility to know what is and is not allowed to be imported to their destination country. If a prohibited product is sent in a gift it will be returned to us.

For your protection, and for ours, we only offer tracked shipping options to international destinations.

We always mark your gifts as such in order to avoid customs and duties charges to the recipient whenever possible. Duty and customs thresholds are different in every country and are the responsibility of the recipient/sender. We cannot anticipate what they may be, and we will not issue a reimbursement for any that my be incurred.

Not to worry! We will always make sure you get your gift.

Canada Post delivers the majority of parcels to community or apartment locker mailboxes. It's possible that your order will not get delivered right to your door.

If you check the community mailbox and your order is still missing then send an email to us at hello@nbbox.ca so we can start an investigation. We will contact UPS or Canada Post on your behalf and work quickly to find your order. If your order is truly lost, we will send a replacement!

If your order is being returned to our warehouse it is usually because the address entered at checkout was incorrect. If this has happened we can re-ship it provided the purchaser pays for the cost to resend it. Email us at hello@nbbox.ca and we can help you figure out a solution.

Other reasons a box might be returned to us is if the recipient did not collect it within 15 days at a Post Office near them.


Just send us an email (hello@nbbox.ca) and we will fix it for you. As long as your order has not already shipped, we can fix it.

And please note, this is a common issue if you checkout using Shop Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal. They frequently overwrite shipping addresses with your default or preferred shipping address.

Orders are ready between 1-3 days. If you are in a hurry, we can usually accommodate you. Just send us an email at hello@nbbox.ca and let us know!

All of our boxes ship "blind", which means there will not ever be a receipt inside. The only receipt you will get is in your confirmation email.

As long as your order has not shipped, we can make any change you want. Send us an email to hello@nbbox.ca.

That depends! Our standard sized box is 11"x12"x3", but we have lots of sizes to accommodate all types of orders. Rest assured that whatever you order, we will put it in an appropriately sized box and it will look amazing.

Corporate Gifts

Yes absolutely! We love working with companies and large groups on special orders for their clients, employees, or events. Whether you need 20 or 2,000 boxes, we can help. Click here for more information and don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Absolutely, we offer a whole host of customization options. Download our corporate catalog, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your next gifting project.

This depends on the order size and the number of gifts needed. Highly customized products require longer lead times, but if you're ordering products we regularly stock then we don't typically need too much time.

It's certainly never too early to get in touch with us, but sometimes we only need a few days to get a large order together.


No. We do not accept returns on any gift boxes.

With a receipt, you can exchange some products in-store only. We will not accept any food products for an exchange and we reserve the right to refuse an item for an exchange if it is not in pristine condition. You must be the purchaser of the item and present the receipt at the time of the exchange.

Sometimes, if someone is buying a gift for you, they may not know with 100% certainty what you will love. This is the beauty of the assembled gift box - there is a great chance you will love many things inside, but no guarantee you'll love them all. If there is something you don't want in a gift that someone has sent to you, consider re-gifting it or passing it along to someone else who may love it!

You can email us at hello@nbbox.ca with your product and pricing information, and any other details you want to include.