Cozy Holiday Morning Box

Cozy Holiday Morning Box

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Woven Tea Towel
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Wake up with a hot cup of Jingle Java in your Kayak Mug and some Wabanaki syrup on your pancakes.  Serve some sweet treats to make breakfast extra sweet this holiday, peanut brittle and fudge served on a hand woven tea towel are sure to make your holiday morning memorable.

1/2 lb. Jingle Java Coffee (grounds), Picadilly Coffee Roasters | Sussex, NB

Woven Tea Towel, The Spinner Weaver | Saint John, NB

Peanut Brittle, Maritime Madness | PEI

Blue Seabird Kayak Mug, Cup Studios | St. John's NL

Oak Wabanaki Maple Syrup, Wabanaki Maple Products | Neqotkuk, NB|

Fudge, Cobbler's Lane | Sussex, NB


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