Fields of Lavender

Fields of Lavender

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Everyone's favorite relaxing scent. Lavender has been used around the world for over 2500 years because of its medicinal properties. Helping people sleep deeper and longer for centuries, lavender is easy to grow, looks beautiful and has a wonderful fragrance we all know and love. It is a favorite ingredient of many makers, including the ones featured in our Fields of Lavender Box.

Box includes:

1 set of mini bath bombs, Soapbox Soap Shoppe | Apohoqui, NB

Black Amber and Lavender Room Spray, Vagabond Studios | NB

Handmade soap, Soapbox Soap Shoppe | Apohoqui, NB

Black Amber Lavender Candle, Vagabond Studios | Saint John, NB

Lavender sachet, Seafoam Lavender | Seafoam, NS

Spa Day Lavender Bath Salts, Bubbles and Balms | Norton, NB

Lavender Body Oil, Seafoam Lavender | River John, NS

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