Back to Nature

Back to Nature

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Discover the wonder of nature with the 'Back to Nature' gift box. Immerse yourself in native plant heritage through Lacey's Medicine Walk and experience firsthand the power of plants and the natural world infused into every product. From soothing skincare to invigorating botanical scents, experience holistic nourishment for body, mind, and spirit. Reconnect with the earth's tranquility from the comfort of home.

Box includes:

Goats Milk Oat & Honey Old Fashioned Soap, Soapbox Soap Shoppe | Apohaqui, NB

Protective Creme, Naturally Nancy's | NS

Cedarwood & Musk Solid Perfume, Sweetie Bees | NB

Peppermint & Lavender Hand Soap, Seafoam Lavender | NS

Medicine Walk, Laurie Lacey | NS


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