Sustainability Practices

We believe in the power of community, sustainability, and the joy of giving. As a small family-owned and operated gift business, our mission is to create beautiful assembled gifts made from locally sourced goods, all while championing sustainability and supporting local artisans and makers in our region. With our e-commerce platform and two physical retail shops in our close-knit community, we provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for individuals and businesses looking to support local while saving time and energy in sourcing and assembling gifts.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

1. Environmentally Conscious Packaging and Local Sourcing: Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do at Rising Tide Gifts. We are proud to buy from makers and artisans in our local region. By doing so, we ensure that our products don't have to travel far to get to us, significantly reducing transportation-related emissions and lowering our carbon footprint.

2. Minimal and Eco-Friendly Packaging: Supporting local makers not only allows us to offer unique, high-quality gifts but also results in minimal or paper-based packaging. The collaboration with artisans in our community often means that our products come with thoughtful and eco-conscious packaging, reducing unnecessary waste and environmental impact.

3. Curating Sustainable Goods: Dozens of our handpicked products are specifically designed to be sustainable, promoting eco-friendly practices and conscious consumption. We are committed to providing our customers with gifts that not only bring joy but also contribute to a healthier planet.

4. Eco-Friendly Shipping: When you shop with us, rest assured that your gifts are packaged and shipped with the environment in mind. We use recycled cardboard boxes and shredded crinkle fill, along with water-activated paper tape for sealing. Moreover, we re-use all packing materials sent to us by suppliers to ensure nothing goes to waste.

5. Energy-Efficient Warehouse: Our dedication to sustainability extends to our warehouse and retail spaces. In 2021, we made extensive renovations to our warehouse, converting to an industrial heat pump, upgrading to LED lighting, insulating the walls and even replacing all the windows. These measures help us maintain an energy-efficient workspace and minimize our energy consumption. You can find more about those upgrades on the NB Power website here.

6. Embracing a Paperless Future: We operate with a paperless approach wherever possible. We don't print out orders, receipts, or packing slips, shipping gifts "blind" without unnecessary paperwork. Our communication with staff and suppliers is primarily digital, and our marketing efforts are solely online to reduce paper waste.

Supporting Our Community

7. Partnership with NB Social Pediatrics: Rising Tide Gifts is proud to partner with NB Social Pediatrics, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and health outcomes of children and families in our province. Our founder is on the board, and we collaborate to host fundraisers and community programs to benefit and raise awareness for this vital organization.

8. Empowering Local Artisans: We take immense pride in being a platform that supports local artisans and makers. Every product we carry represents a local family or small business. By promoting their crafts, we contribute to the local economy, nurture our community's talent, and celebrate the uniqueness of our region.

Looking Towards the Future

We understand that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to continually improving our sustainability efforts. We actively seek ways to source materials locally and explore opportunities to further minimize our environmental impact.

We also aspire to create a ripple effect by collaborating with larger companies and organizations. By showcasing the benefits of supporting local businesses and embracing sustainable practices, we hope to inspire others to join us on this meaningful journey towards a more sustainable future.

Join Us on Our Sustainable Gift Journey

We invite you to be a part of our sustainable gift journey and make a positive impact on the environment, our community, and the lives of talented local artisans. Together, let's celebrate the amazing talent we have here in our region while preserving the beauty of our planet.

Thank you for choosing to work with us, we truly believe that every gift tells a story, supports a local business, and makes a difference!

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