Shipping Changes

Stacked gift boxes ready to be shipped.

Since we opened the proverbial doors to this shop, Canada Post has been our primary shipping provider. We have had very few issues with Canada Post, and we have loved working with them, but customers have always asked if we would ever add a courier option. 

Over the past six months we have explored our options, and after a lot of discussion and negotiation, we are excited to share that for the month of October we will be shipping primarily with UPS. We have entered into a short term contract with UPS to explore if a partnership with them makes sense for us, and for you.

We are excited to see what this will mean for shipping times, especially as we head into the holidays. And we are excited to have more affordable options to pass onto our customers who need to ship things quickly, and to the US.

We would love to know your feedback as this unfolds over the next few weeks. As always, you can call us at 506-288-4438 or send an email to

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  • wendy proctor

    Received an NB Box from my daughter Cecile Proctor for Christmas, a gift to my fiancee and me. Every product is AMAZING! The presentation is so impressive, causing my American fiancee ( and chef!) to be so delighted. The maple syrup?Oh my- decadent! Just had preserves on toast this morning, and my, melt in my mouth! Thank you for such a delightful box of goodies!

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