Custom Product & Packaging Options

 Wedding favors? Company retreat gifts? Annual conference swag?

Revolutionizing the term 'swag', we allow you to personalize a variety of locally made products, giving your gifts a personal touch. We can source and provide you product options to fit your project. These are the types of products that people actually love and use - and you'll NEVER find them at the bottom of a junk drawer. Minimums apply, and vary depending on the product.

We work with hundreds of vendors who offer thousands of products; some examples include:


What if I want a custom packaging option?

We do that too. Especially for weddings and other events, the gift box may not be the right call. We offer lots of packaging options you don't typically see on our website for these kinds of occasions, including gable boxes, gift bags and even jute tote bags.

I don't need gifts done up, but I still want a custom product, can I still get that from you?

Yes. You are free to just order customized products through us and either pick them up or have them shipped to you.

I need a custom product but I don't see it listed here, does that mean you don't have it?

This is only a small sample of what we can do. We have hundreds of products that you don't see here. If you're looking for something specific, let us know. Chances are we have access to it.

For more information, click above to download our corporate & custom gifting catalog, or shoot us an email at