Bulk Gifting Services

After working with hundreds of clients, we've really become experts on everything from product selection to shipping. Put our skills and experience to work for you! It really couldn't be easier. If you have a project you're ready to get started, inquire with us at hello@risingtidegifts.ca.

Ways To Work With Us 

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I just order multiple boxes online?

Yes, of course. You can always order online if that is your preference. If you're unable to order the quantity you need for some reason, or you are shipping all the boxes to multiple addresses, then simply email us directly at hello@risingtidegifts.ca.

Can I be invoiced for my order instead of paying online?

Yes, absolutely. Simply email us at hello@risingtidegifts.ca to get your order started and we will invoice you.

Can I order multiple boxes shipped to different addresses?

Yes! If you need to send gifts to multiple different addresses, then shoot us an email at hello@risingtidegifts.ca and we will send you a blank address template (excel or csv file) which we can then upload. This saves a ton of time!

What is the maximum number of gifts you can handle?

The limit does not really exist. Whether you just need help with a couple gifts, or a couple thousand, we have the space and capacity to handle it. 

Can I include some of my own swag/products?

Yes, you can send us any products you have already sourced for inclusion in your gifts. We offer a variety of packaging options and can find a solution for your specific needs.

Can I customize my gifts a little bit? A lot?

Yes, we offer a lot of different methods of customization, from box stamping to custom packing tape, custom products and everything in between. For more information on custom products and packaging, download our corporate catalog or contact us for more information.

I need help designing a gift, what do I do?

We are happy to work with you to figure out the best gift for your project. We ask you about your budget and the details of your event or project and we make suggestions from there based on our experience. Just contact us to get started.