Sticker Summer

We have been working around the clock preparing to open our little seasonal shop in the heart of Area506's Waterfront Container Village! We're absolutely thrilled to share all the exciting details with you, and we can't wait for you to see how we revamped our space and what amazing new products we are bringing with us this year! One thing we realized from last summer was how popular stickers were, and that is something we focused on over the winter, so brace yourself for a delightful array of fresh designs that will hopefully bring a smile to your face. 

What started as sort of a last minute addition to our product lineup last summer, became our most popular product at Container Village. And for good reason! It's truly amazing how such a simple item can bring immense joy. We discovered that tourists absolutely adored them, collecting stickers as souvenirs of their trips. And the best part? These little treasures easily fit into any suitcase, offering a unique and cool way to share their travel experiences with loved ones back home. We saw our stickers adorning water bottles, phone cases, coolers—you name it! Seeing our stickers out in the wild has been truly surreal and gives us an exhilarating rush.

As a business committed to supporting local artisans, the idea of creating our own products had never crossed our minds until last summer. However, diving into the realm of sticker design opened up a world of possibilities for us. It became an accessible outlet for our own artistic expression, allowing us to create small pieces of art that we could actually sell in our shop. The design process ignited a newfound passion within us, and the rewarding feeling of seeing customers purchase something we designed ourselves is so cool.

We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and supporting aspiring designers, or longtime artisans looking for a new products to develop. So, whenever someone asks us how to get started with printing their own designs, we always recommend Sticker Mule for sticker printing. They are the only printer we have used for die cut vinyl stickers, and we have been consistently impressed by the exceptional quality of their products. Plus, they always arrive so fast! We even use them for the custom labels on the coffee and candles that get made exclusively for us by Picadilly and A White Nest! 

As summer approaches, our excitement grows for another amazing year at our small container shop. We created dozens more sticker designs, and we are bringing in hundreds from other artists, so get ready for stickers that will brighten up your day and maybe even help to create lasting memories. Whether you're a local or a passing tourist, prepare to fall head over heels for these tiny pieces of joy. After all, you can never have too many stickers!

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