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Launched in June 2017, [EDIT] is a premium media company that showcases all that Atlantic Canada has to offer; a high-quality of life, a thriving entrepreneurial and business community, a flourishing natural environment, and a perfect place to live and raise a family. Our various media platforms successfully highlight the region and the people within, reaching audiences globally.

They create original content, tell insightful stories, interview well-known and emerging individuals and show the unique perspective of Atlantic Canada.

Published quarterly, the print issues are bookish, beautifully printed and collected to be displayed on coffee tables and bookshelves.


In issue 16 Spring 2021:  

Ride The Chaos - All Season Surf by Jenn Carson Photographs by Adam Cornick and Ebony Scott

Alan Arkin’s Cape Breton Island by Tiffany Thornton

The Innovation of Nancy Smithers by Morgan Leet

What I Know by Peter Anthony

Vox Agency by Jennifer Wood

A Surreal Start-Up: James Mullinger meets Zina Aljaratli Photographs by Denis Duquette

Don’t Dis My Ability by Shawn Smith

The Fairytale of Ticklebelly Hill by Morgan Leet

Ralph Costello by James Mullinger

Exclusive interview with Ingrid Waldron by Morgan Leet

Over The Ferry - A Short Story by David R. Elliott

Handcrafted With Love by Cait Milberry

Comic Shorts: Louis B. Mayer - An Illustrated History by Brandon Hicks

Plus, Jennifer Wood meets the newest star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes Aba Amuquandoh, Coreen Hildebrand on the changing face of public art in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Literary Editor Alexandra Fournier’s spring reads and all of the best virtual and in-person events this season.

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