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Epoch Chemistry Coffee

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Based in Moncton, NB, Epoch Chemistry started as a passionate endeavour by Conor Conway and Matt Symes to bring the best coffee to Atlantic Canada. What initially started as a dream of a cafe grew into an individual business model in coffee, focused on education and experience. 

We are delighted to offer you their roasts:

Epoch 6 Brazil Daterra Bravo

Daterra is a famed farm that was first purchased in 1976 and today is an icon in the coffee-producing world. Leading by example, Daterra is the only B Corp certified coffee farm, has more certifications than we have space to list, and is steadily working towards being a climate-positive coffee farm.

Farm: Daterra
Process: Pulped Natural
Region: Cerrado, Brazil
Altitude: 1150 masl
Cup: Almond, Milk Chocolate, Dried Fruits

250 gr

Epoch 9 - Ethiopia Gesha Village Chaka Washed

A supremely clean cup profile with tons of apricot, honey, sweet tea notes and a clean long finish. This is an every day type of coffee and we are so excited to feature it. 

Process: Washed
Region: Gesha Village, Kenya
Altitude: 1911-2069 masl
Cup: Apricot, Honey & sweet tea

250 gr

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